Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 1, 2021

Please take a moment and read our privacy policy. If you do not abide by the policy written below, please refrain from using our website.

Information Collected does collect information from our visitors. We do not sell that information as it is used to better the experience of our visitors. Data collected such as analytics, helps us provide a great user experience when using our website.

Some of the data collected is as follows:

  • How many users visit the website
  • From which region of the world are visitors visiting
  • What sort of device are visitors using to access the website

All information is used to better the user experience on

Throughout the website, we link to other websites. Please note, this privacy policy does not carry over to those external websites in which we link to. This privacy policy is for – only.

Cookies Used

We do use cookies on this website. Cookies are small pieces of code that are implemented on a users device in order create a better user experience. For more detailed information cookies uses, please see our Cookie Policy.

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