Cookie Policy

Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on devices in order to remember information about a visitor at a later date.

Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies are the two types of cookies often used on websites and we may use both types of cookies on our website. A Session Cookie disappears after you close your browser. A Persistent Cookie remains after you close your browser.

Cookies may also be created by us or a third party.

Some of the third party cookies that may be used on are as follows:

Google Analytics: Collects statistical information about how you use the site so that we can improve the site.

Google Ads: Tracks advertising campaigns throughout the website.

Search Engine: Remembers various search queries throughout the website.

How to Control Cookies

You always have full control of cookies and can delete them whenever you would like– for details, see

Within your browser you have the ability to delete cookies. Just remember, once cookies are deleted, you may have renter certain information when browsing the web and